Education Online offers a system that acts as a replacement for a human tutor at a fraction of the cost while giving students the ability to learn wherever they are. While our initial offerings are SAT/PSAT Test Preparation, College Consulting and Jobs/Internships, we will soon be expanding our service to allow students to learn and improve their knowledge base in any K-12 subject.

We start by soliciting input from the parent (or adult) who is signing up for our service. We also look for input from the students’ teachers as well. The system is designed to determine via initial and monthly assessments exactly what concepts a child already understands and which ones he or she needs help with. It will guide the student, step by step, providing hints and feedback as needed to help them understand how to solve the problems presented. The system can even recognize when underlying remedial concepts have not been fully understood and redirect the student to study that area, if required. The system can work through the entire curriculum but will only focus on the areas where the student needs help, unless of course the student wants to review or reattempt specific areas that they are interested in seeing.

Our system suggests specific amounts of tutoring based on each student’s needs and goals.  We also provide reports to parents so you can also track your student’s progress in reaching the pre-determined goals.  We can even email homework to you or your student’s teacher.

One of the key differences between EOL and other online tutoring systems is that our system will in time recognize not only which problems are most effective in teaching any child, but also which learning style is most effective for each specific student. In time it will actually learn to present only the most effective problems in the specific learning style that works best for this specific child. Just as a human tutor will change their style with each child to match what works, this system will also adapt to what works best for your student and their specific learning style!