Search for Internships, Jobs, and Free Summer Programs

Building a solid resume of extracurricular activities is a crucial component of a successful college application.  Often, students seek jobs and internships in the fields they wish to major in, both to get real world experience for themselves and to demonstrate a track record in their intended major.  Finding good internships can be time consuming.  Education Online is pleased to announce a partnership with YCareer whereby students enrolled in EOL’s service automatically gain membership to YCareer.

YCareer is a company started by a high school student for high school students. YCareer has a database of over 400 free internships, jobs, and free summer programs solely for high school students in various career fields including Medicine, Business, Art, History, Engineering, Science, Law, Technology, Security and Justice, and much more! Additionally, internships are available for every state within the United States including residential, virtual, international internships, and free summer programs.

With premium membership, users have full access to all of these opportunities as well as the ability to make a social profile, have access to our blogs in which we blog about internships and free student opportunities weekly, and have the ability to submit essays or resumes for internship applications to YCareer to peer review. Through YCareer, students can find opportunities in career fields they desire, allowing them to have valuable experience that will help them in their futures!

Once you login to your account, click on the tab that says YCareer and follow the instructions for accessing the YCareer service.