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Education Online’s instructional software has been extensively evaluated in numerous field studies with actual students in actual classrooms as opposed to laboratory settings, which often don’t transfer to the real world. In 100% of the cases, EOL teaching technology and its underlying methods produced impressive and consistent educational performance gains. In product evaluations conducted by the US Department of Education, results revealed that 15 leading educational software products did not raise students’ test scores (EOL’s software was not included in the evaluation). EOL may be the only solution available that has worked in 100% of its field trials and is affordable by the average family.

Case Study: New Jersey knowledge assessments –

In a study in a New Jersey school district (applying NJ state educational standards), students were assessed using EOL’s technology and then independently assessed by district teachers. When students were assessed against state standards, EOL’s technology produced assessments that agreed with teachers’ assessments on average 97.5% of the time, compared to teachers agreeing with each other 95% of the time. On the other critical assessment, identification of students’ learning needs, EOL’s technology produced assessments that agreed with teachers on average 97% of the time, while teachers agreed with each other 96% of the time.

This means that EOL provides the same assessment of a student’s learning needs and performance against state standards that an experienced teacher would provide if they had the time to assess each student individually. This assessment accuracy is critical in ensuring that students are taught in a way that meets their needs and prepares them to excel on state exams.

Case Study: Improving performance in Colorado –

EOL software was used as part of an after-school tutoring program at a high school for at-risk students in Colorado. Ninth graders went through a three-week, 25-hour program of instruction in the scientific method and were then retested. Their results were compared to two control groups from the same school district: A mainstream 9th grade population and a mainstream 12th grade population. The EOL group outscored their mainstream 9th grade counterparts and scored at a level equal to that of the 12th graders.

Another study involved EOL curriculum and software to teach 8th grade math. Experimental classes received EOL curriculum and software, while control classes received their standard instruction. Afterwards, students were re-evaluated for their problem solving ability. The control group showed no gain in practical problem solving ability whereas the experimental EOL group showed a 50% gain in practical problem solving performance.
EOL software has been proven not only to identify learning needs, but also to effectively address them and improve student performance as well as or better than classroom instruction does.

Case Study: Enabling a 180 degree turnaround for a New Jersey school district –

In the mid 1990’s, Point Pleasant, NJ schools had failed state monitoring and was performing in the bottom 25%. EOL’s Dr. Leddo was brought in to help improve education within the district. He conducted teacher training on how to align standards, assessment, and instruction using the methods embedded in EOL’s technology and gave the district a portion of the EOL technology. In the end, this district rose to be the top performer in its county. Impressively, 92% of Point Pleasant high school students passed the 2001 state exam, while the median score for the state was below passing.
EOL can help not just individual students, but an entire school district dramatically improve its performance.

Case Study: Interactive television – the wave of the future –

Recent years have seen an explosion in the availability of online television programs. To date, educational television programming has been a passive experience: children watch, but do not participate in the educational activities shown on TV. In 2008, EOL received a grant from the National Science Foundation to create interactive television technology using its educational software. With the assistance of a filmmaker who previously worked on such blockbuster films as Star Wars, EOL created an interactive television show that taught students math by having them interact with the animated characters of the TV show. This technology was tested in a NJ school district where 6th grade students watched either an interactive or a non-interactive version of the same TV show. Those watching the interactive show performed 4 times higher on a post-test that tested the concept taught in the show than those watching a traditional non-interactive format.

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