For years, Education Online’s tutoring technology has boosted students’ academic achievement, achieving success in 100% of its field trials. Education Online’s SAT math software is no exception.  EOL is currently conducting a field trial in a Virginia high school.  Students took an actual SAT math test (the math portion of an actual SAT test that was released by the College Board) to get a baseline score.  Students then began using EOL’s software a few hours a week.  After 1 month, 100% of the participating students had already boosted their SAT math scores.  The average gain was 72 points in just one month!

Compare this to what other companies offer.  A leading SAT prep company offers its signature course for $1600.  It lasts 4 months and the company guarantees 150 points improvement or about 50 points per subject (math, reading, writing). EOL delivered a 70 point improvement in math in just two weeks for less than 1% of what this other company charges!  Why pay more than 100 times the price and take 4 times as long to get a lower result than what EOL’s software delivers? Sign up today for the low price of only $19.95 per month and let EOL deliver results for you!

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