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Congratulatory messages to our clients for accomplishing critical goals.

Congratulations to Jack M, an 8th grader who got a perfect 800 on his SSAT and raised his PSAT score 13 points to score at the 99th percentile!

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Congratulations to Lauren R. of Manassas, VA who completed our SAT math program in one month and raised her math score 210 points!

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SAT / PSAT Test Preparation Tutoring

Education Online (EOL Learning) has developed a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence based online tutoring software that allows students to practice solving SAT and PSAT Math and English (Reading and Writing) problems and questions to improve their skills and then take timed practice tests to measure their improvement.  Our proprietary software acts like a personal tutor.  In solving a math problem for example, students are asked to show their work and if they get stuck, the software analyzes what has been done so far, and tells them the next step to take by offering hints and sample problems.  If a mistake is made, the software highlights where they went wrong and what to do to correct the mistake. It is like having a personal tutor available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week no matter where you may be.  No other SAT Test Preparation tutor or organization comes close to offering what we do in quality, accessibility, results or price.  None!

What Makes Us Better

Education Online’s SAT/PSAT Math and English (Reading and Writing) Test Preparation tutoring software gives you the personalized coaching of a private tutor costing $50 per hour for just about the cost of a workbook that only has practice problems and answer keys.  Our technology has been tested extensively in schools and even a whole school district and, in each case, produced large educational gains in students.  EOL Learning offers a proven solution at a very low price.  We even offer a free SAT/PSAT Math Practice test for students to try.  And best of all, you can access our service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week from wherever you may be.

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We offer the highest quality online tutoring and most advanced learning services anywhere.

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